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Payment Options


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You can also pay through any ATM Machine NEAREST TO YOU simply by transferring amount into any of our Accounts on payment page.
                                                            ATM TRANSFER GUIDE
1.    Insert Card into ATM Machine, supply pin to proceed
2.    Choose QuickTeller (MAY DIFFER in different banks)
3.    Select Interbank Transfer (MAY ALSO DIFFER)
4.    Select Funding Account Type (i.e. your account) either Savings or      Current account
5.    Select Receiving Account Type (i.e. any of smsfield account); we operate Current and savings accounts
6.    Select Recipient’s Bank (i.e. our bank)
7.    Supply our Account Number (Recipient)
8.    Supply Amount and Proceed
9.    Confirm details and Proceed if okay (bank charge may apply)
10.    Contact us to provide your username (since you can't type it on ATM's numeric keypad)