There are so events that take place in Nigeria which includes weddings, exhibitions, annual general meetings, rallies, conferences, naming ceremonies, baby dedications, birthday parties, church fellowships, school PTA meetings and many others. In any of the events, it is advisable you involve bulk SMS if you want to achieve your desire attendance rate.
One of the major reasons for involving BULKSMS is that people are very busy these days doing many things at a time so they can easily forget your invitation if you use other means but you can be over 90% sure of people opening, reading and remembering your SMS invitation. Even if they intend to delete it, they will be tempted to read it first and once the SMS is opened it remains in the phone till the invitee decides to delete it. The fact that we are always much closer to our mobile phones than any other thing, it is easy to be reminded of the event every time.

Another reason is that people use the content of the SMS which includes the venue to find their way since mobile phones cannot be easily left at home unlike invitation cards.

This article gives details on how you can use BULKSMS to invite people for your events and have your desired turned up rate.

I am going to use wedding as a general case

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